Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The 10 most pointless jobs in Israel...

  1. Summer weather forecaster (er, it's going to be very hot again tomorrow...)

  2. Rush hour radio reporter (oh yeh, lots of alternative routes in this huge country...)

  3. Petrol station pump attendant (spoil the locals even more, go on!)

  4. Street cleaner (love those leaf/dust blowers...)

  5. Security guards at the entrances to shopping malls (though those mature Russian geezers might just disagree...)

  6. Policemen accompanying road workers (really, why are they there?)

  7. Driving instructors (you can see that their instruction truly works...)

  8. Israel Premier League coaches (come on, why do they bother? Er, I guess they don't...)

  9. Technical writer (who reads those feckin' manuals?)

  10. Public school English teacher (aaah, the private English teaching bizz is flourishing...)