Tuesday, October 30, 2007

But yes, I'll be cashing the cheque, thank you very much

Had a bit of an earful from a mother last week. She seemed a tad disappointed that her son didn't pass a test at school. Her son has some serious LD issues, which I said I'd try and see if I might be able to overcome. But I couldn't. I did try, I was very patient, and he enjoyed the lessons, but he needs expert help.

But his mum was pissed, she seemed to think that the last 3 months were a waste of time. Frankly, after one lesson when chatting with me and revealing that he won't let her see the homework I gave him (and which he hardly ever did), I think she's the one who's been a waste of time...never mind, I think my lesson from this is not to take on everybody and anybody.

Her custom is gone, but the cheque will be banked this week. I was almost tempted to rip it up because of my morals, innit, but fuck it, I tried, I worked hard with this kid. The money is mine. No?