Friday, December 28, 2007

It's all about the money...

I got offended a couple of days ago. Not sure why, because it was only the words of a 9 year old. But he got a little pissy with me when I tried to quieten him during the lesson (I promise, I didn't have my hands round his neck...) and then he uttered: "You only care about the money, at least that's what I heard...".

I really shouldn't have given a shit, but fuck that, I found it offensive. Maybe I'm too sensitive to be a Donald Trump type businessman, but these were words he obviously picked up from somewhere...maybe his Mum, maybe his Dad...maybe somebody isn't happy with the service I provide, but fuck it, I can't get paid for my services? I can't worry about getting paid from some of my customers? Because believe me, I have probably the most flexible payment structure around (which I realise is becoming too flexible, going to have to lay the law down soon).

Personally, I think I (and my other teacher) give a good lesson, not the best in the world, but I can see from the referrals that I must be doing something right.

End of the year target was 50-60 students, I have 57. Not too shabby.