Monday, February 18, 2008

Corridors and Roundabouts

Just a little update on Corridor Land, for those of you who miss those dark, dank days...they are now restructured and reorganized and are now no longer known as Corridor Land, but as an official arm of the American mothership that purchased them. But you'll be pleased to know that with all the restucturing, they've managed to offload a number of employees and still not pay pitzuim (layoff compensation). Once a classy act, always a classy act. Fuckers.

Last week I actually received a cheque from them for loyalty over the years. OK, I'm joking about the loyalty part, but I did get a cheque from them as the stock options that were mine have been realized, or something similar, and were actually worth money. Of course, this is Corridor Land options we're talking about, so don't get excited...really. I'd invite you all (all 3 of you) for a beer, but I'm not sure it'd stretch that far...

And as my old vodka-toting Ruskie corridor partner O is just about to start her new job, we shall just wish her a pleasant, if rather squeaky "Uh-oh". Mmm, where could she possibly be working?