Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feckin' hate it when...

...they do that.

Those feckin' drivers who force their way in to your lane, no indicators flashing, no cheery look to check if he/she can move in front of you. People always ask me "What are you doing in this country??" and, I admit, after incidents like this, which happen every single feckin' day on the drive in to Open Spacey, I ask myself the same. There's just no class, no respect, it's all about making sure you can get in front of someone whatever cost. And we're not just talking about driving, unfortunately. I waited for half an hour this morning as car after car forced their way into my lane. One blond tart really wound me up (thank her for this post!) when she almost hit my car as she forced her way in. A few seconds later she moved out of my lane, drove up another 200 metres and then forced her way back in. Fucking unbelievable.

And yalla yalla as they say over here, get your thinking hats on for the What the Hell...see below.