Friday, March 14, 2008

...and continuing with the bureaucracy

...I got a slip from the Post Office this morning, letting me know that I had registered mail to pick up. So, anticipating that it was the pink lacy underwear I ordered online last week (om: how the feck did you know about the pink undies?), I headed over to the local post office.

And waited in line for 20 minutes. And opened the door to help an old bid with her bags of shopping get out. And was generally very nice and charming to all. Until I got to the counter. Because, when I got to the counter, the postal office lass kindly informed me that my mail hadn't actually arrived, and that I should come back on Sunday. Obvious mistake, really.

Please please please, explain this one to me. I mean, why would you inform someone that they had post, when they didn't really have post...? If it wasn't going to be there until Sunday, surely the note informing me should have been sent on Sunday? And I'd understand it if this was a one-off, but this is the second fecking time! Could it be that the Post Office is now over efficient and is actually anticipating your getting post? Naaaahh...

Going postal. I think I'm beginning to grasp the concept.