Sunday, March 09, 2008

March's Homo Sapiette - Galit

OK, so Homo Sapiettes Season 2 continues with an experienced old hand, a face that you'll have seen a lot of on TV over the last couple of years. If you live in Israel. Yes indeed, Galit Gutman (Hebrew wiki link).

She has a stunning bod, no question about it, especially considering she's pushing 40 and has 2 kids. And can look scrumptious, especially when made up and pouting for the cameras. It's just, as mrs anglosaxy puts it, why does she have to open her mouth...?

She's modelled for most of the big fashion brands in this country, as well as appearing in a number of TV shows/soaps. She's probably most famous for her role as host of the Models reality/competition show (which for some very strange reason occupies the prime time viewing on a Friday night) and also appeared in the last series of Our Song (HaShir Shelanu).

Apparently her marriage to world renowned photographer Ziv Koren (some good shots there me old china!) is over, I just can't believe that 357 people were that bothered by this story (Hebrew link) that they had to guys, scrub up if you fancy a looker with a whiney voice, you know what you have to do...