Friday, March 07, 2008

Should I start biting my nails?

Booked tickets to England this week. All 4 of us, the complete anglosaxy set, will be popping over to the motherland during Pessach. Little juniorette's first meet up with her grandparents. Trouble with Pessach, of course, is that every Israeli and his dog wants to travel, hence resulting in exorbitant prices. So, and here I take a big long breath, I decided to go for a charter flight.

The big bonus with the charter flight, apart from the obvious saving (over $500), is it lands at Gatwick, the closest airport to my parents, who will be putting up with us up for the duration of our stay. Bless 'em. The big drawback with the charter flight is that it's with a complete shite operator, the service will be shite, legroom will be shite and it's a shitey charter flight. Apart from that, it should be OK. Right?