Friday, April 25, 2008

ich bin ein englander

Some things I've noticed over the last few days over here in Blighty:

  • Those chilly winds are feckin' chilly...
  • ...but when it's sunny it's feckin' gorgeouis (down to my t-shirt on Tuesday)
  • Electric bus stop signs listing upcoming buses
  • Oldies over here smile non-stop at my kids
  • Lots of flash git personalized registration plates - best one spotted today: HI8 WRK
  • Range of choccies and choccie biscuits in the supermarket
  • Automatic express checkouts at Asda - feckin' fab
  • The local lasses are not lighting my fire
  • A pint of warm bitter really ain't as tasty as I remember
  • I'm loving those Morning Sir, How are you?s
  • Narrow country roads
  • People drive fast but fair. And they indicate...