Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May's Homo Sapiette - Shiraz

OK, for this month's Sapiette, I haven't really stretched myself. It's time for Shiraz Tal, one of those women who is universally classed by almost everybody as a "real Israeli beauty". Try and get a local to say something bad about her, it ain't gonna happen. She really is the local girl (from Netanya) done good. And by done good, I mean internationally renowned, strutting her stuff for some of the fashion giants such as Gucci and Victoria's Secret.

I must admit, she never really caught my eye when she was at the top of her game at the end of the 90's, but just lately seems to have done enough to squeeze herself into my list of Sapiettes. Bless 'er. And if all she has to show for the last couple of years is "Dancing with the Stars" and her own little spa in Tel Aviv, then I guess a spot on my blog is just the shot in the arm she needs...