Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mr Unsackable

The boss pulled me over to one side yesterday and threw down a surprise ultimatum. Either I go full-time (100%) or I leave. He also ran out all these bullshit lines about me being on the telephone too much ("people" have been talking to him about me...) and he was shocked to see that I had worked only 2 days in the last month (never mind I was in England and then sick for 8 days and there was a little holiday called Passover along the way). So, I told him I'd find it difficult to go 100% and I'd need 24 hours to let him know. After a beautiful beach session with my kids yesterday afternoon, my mind was settled. So I let him know this morning. And then he went on about wanting to work it out and we'd figure something out.

Really, what the fuck is going on...?