Monday, June 09, 2008

Euro 2008 - Viewing Statistics

So, when an international tournament slaps you in your chops, what can you do but partake in some of the festivities? OK, I don't expect to watch too many of these early group games, but the long weekend over here in Israel, because of Shavuot, and a sleepover by a football crazy nephew of mrs anglosaxy (Ha! Great having somebody in this house who understands football, if only for a couple of days), has helped in me catching a little more than expected - so far I've watched the opening game (the Swiss were unlucky I thought), Portugal looked fairly slick (probably down to Ronaldo's gel...), and the Germans pretty efficient.

Tonight it's the group phase's only real game worth watching, on paper at least, Holland v Italy. Should be a cracker, but then, a wee shot of Highland Park might be needed to prop up the eyelids.