Friday, June 04, 2004


Perhaps my driving in Israel post was a premonition of things to come, but last night I witnessed a nasty accident. And what do you know, all parties involved were in the wrong, this one will end up in the courts for years...the motorbike rider was so speeding, the guy who pulled out in front of him was so incorrect in his judgement, while the car "innocently" parked at the side of the road, in my opinion, was the cause of the whole thing. But hey, he had his hazard lights on, so "everything's OK". Nobody seemed to be badly injured, but the biker will surely feel it later after the shock subsides. One good thing out of all this is that I didn't have to get involved as a witness - there were so many people out and about because of the nearby Ta'am Ha'ir (annual Tel Aviv food festival).

Mrs. anglosaxy is getting her golden locks hacked off as we speak...she's getting a 'summer cut', which for some reason worries the crap out of me...