Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where the streets have no name

Aye, Pessach (Passover) is calling again, that means loads of family fun. Good excuse to get drunk though. I shall be thinking of you all tomorrow night (during the traditional family meal, or Seder) as I down copious amounts of alcohol. For those of you who don't know: beer is officially off-limits during the next week or so, so it's Holy Water for me. Ah, and don't forget to stuff yourselves with some of this, an annual weekly binge that I always enjoy.

Thursday on I'm incommunicado as I settle in at a meditation center for the weekend. Speaking is forbidden for 3 days, and alcohol is absolutely frowned upon. I have my white hippy pyjama suit ironed and pressed, though my chant needs some practice. I might have something to report back to you on Sunday.

So, Happy Passover!

And, by God, you won't be able to name the street below. Will you? Click to big, if you need.

Click me to big me