Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The city of the future

A couple of nights ago you'd have found me propping up the bar at Murphy's, in Modiin, accompanied by GBH. My first real visit to the town, but from all those shiny lights (er, it was nighttime) and from what I could gather from an enthusiastic GBH, the city of the future as it's known over here is a great place to live. And seems to be getting better by the month, including a new rail service that has just started. I even caught my first Israeli train for some 10 years or so from Modiin (last train back to Tel Aviv), was a nice experience up until the looney Maccabee Tel Aviv supporters boarded. Not too sure it's the kind of place I'd want to live, but it sure is expanding. Maybe room for a future branch of the anglosaxy English school?