Sunday, September 23, 2007


The new Corridor Land is OK. The writing is a lot more technical, that's for sure, and there is a helluva lot more work, but the place does have some decent pluses, when compared to the ol'place. People that actually say Hello to you in corridors, global reps sending warm welcomes via email, a boss that swears his arse off more than thing that I'm not so sure about is blogging on company time, what with the area of security they are involved, limited blogging updates from work in the meantime. Look, there's a few things that don't strike me as particularly great (shite computer to start with - I have the office zonna, the PC that has been with everybody), but all places have their shit, right?

What is harder (make that: impossible) is getting back into the serious Tech Writer mindset, but at least I'm trying my best to fit in, I'm actually quite a joy, I think...