Thursday, July 03, 2008

Adults letting me down

I've had a fair number of calls from potential adult students recently, but, to be honest, they're driving me stonking mad. We arrange a day and time on which to meet and then they simply fail to show up. On the occasions I have their number they just don't answer their phone. Not sure what to think about this; I don't think they get cold feet/get put off upon seeing the place because from the outside it looks professional enough, I just don't think they want the lessons enough. P'raps when they call it seems like a good idea, but then they change their mind? What they probably don't realise is that I usually come specifically for them - I only teach around 6 lessons a week these days, the teachers do the rest.

I'm starting to suss some of them out, just from their tone, and just like I do with the Yemens amongst us...if they want it enough, I'll hear it in their voice. If they're wishy washy bastards out to waste my fucking time, I'll hear it too. Just like the woman who has failed to turn up this afternoon - I knew she wouldn't come and she didn't. Bitch.